Commission recommends approval of Scholastica subdivision request

The Cañon City Planning Commission on Wednesday unanimously agreed to recommend the Cañon City Council approve the Scholastica Minor Subdivision request for the former St. Scholastica property.

The commission also approved a resolution authorizing a limited exception to the city’s development standard.

Phil Lund, the president of Homes of the Canyon, LLC, who purchased the property in May, plans to subdivide the seven-acre property into 13 single-family residential lots, three non‐residential lots for commercial use, a community park, and the existing dormitory building for future conversion to 43 condominium units.

“I am going to lead this (planned development district) subdivision process, but I really want to focus on that condo,” Lund said. “Once we get the subdivision passed, we are going to sell off part of these properties.”

Developers are interested in the lots along Floral and along the “green zone,” the former chapel building, the classroom building and the historic schoolhouse, he said.

“The development guide puts rules in place that they have to stay within the boundaries that you have adopted and we have adopted, and yet we bring additional resources and additional investment,” Lund said.

He said the plan is to build up the projects in tandem, rather than over sequencing them out over three or four years. He expects the disruption to neighbors to be minimal during construction.

Paula Sheagley encouraged her fellow commissioners to take a tour of the property with Lund, which alleviated many questions and concerns that she originally had.

“It built up such up excitement and enthusiasm in myself,” she said. “I am personally impressed – this is an amazing project which you are just tackling with much integrity and it’s going to be such a boon for Cañon City.”

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