Mid Century Lighting Fixtures

1961 Vintage Light Fixtures

These 1961 vintage lights are from the St. Scholastica Dorm cafeteria.  We have had a lot of interest in them.  The only fair way is to send in a bid and we take the top ten.  First come first serve does not seem the fair approach here.

The bidding lasts until March 31, 2020.

There are ten of them for sale.  They are 48 inches in diameter including the bulbs.  They appear to be in working condition but may need rewiring.  At this point they have not been used in approximately 12 years.  

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Cañon City, Colorado

Climate Capital of Colorado

Cañon City is located in eastern Fremont County at an altitude of 5,332 feet (1,625 m). It sits primarily on the north side of the Arkansas River, just east of where the river exits from Royal Gorge. It is bordered to the south by the unincorporated community of Lincoln Park. Via U.S. Route 50, Pueblo is 39 miles to the east and Poncha Springs is 62 miles to the west. Colorado Springs is 45 miles to the northeast.

The city's nickname, "the Climate Capital of Colorado", derives from the combination of unique geography and 5,300-foot elevation protecting the city from harsh weather conditions. The average daily high temperature in January is 14 °F warmer in Cañon City than in Grand Junction, even though the elevation of Cañon City is higher.