Historical Building

Commercial Event Space with Parking Lot

Encapsulating the history of the campus, the 1887 “Cabrini building” was originally used as a Colorado militia school and then the Saint Scholastica’s classroom and administration building. Today, it is useful for business purposes and is zoned commercial. Currently, this building is under discussion with another developer.

Chapel Library Building

Commercial Open Concept Office and Parking Lot

The Catholic order opened this building in 1983 to be a chapel and library for the school’s teen girls.

With 3400 square feet, this “open concept” building includes a kitchenette that can serve the approximately 30-person employee capacity. Also, with the potential for two 1-gig fiber lines from two different companies, this property is zoned for business/commercial use, includes twenty shared parking spaces, and offers naming rights for the buyers.

Classroom Building

Commercial Office Building with Parking Lot

Built in 1979, the classroom building provides 8700 sq ft for an approximately 60-person employee capacity office building. One quarter of the building has administrative offices, with the walls in this “open concept” layout being nonbearing, movable and customizable. Still needing HVAC and electric, it offers the potential for a solar array and also the potential for two 1-gig fiber lines. Thirty parking spaces come with this property.

While this building is ready to be purchased, it currently needs additional development, making it good for a developer or existing business.

Cañon City, Colorado

Climate Capital of Colorado

Cañon City is located in eastern Fremont County at an altitude of 5,332 feet (1,625 m). It sits primarily on the north side of the Arkansas River, just east of where the river exits from Royal Gorge. It is bordered to the south by the unincorporated community of Lincoln Park. Via U.S. Route 50, Pueblo is 39 miles to the east and Poncha Springs is 62 miles to the west. Colorado Springs is 45 miles to the northeast.

The city's nickname, "the Climate Capital of Colorado", derives from the combination of unique geography and 5,300-foot elevation protecting the city from harsh weather conditions. The average daily high temperature in January is 14 °F warmer in Cañon City than in Grand Junction, even though the elevation of Cañon City is higher.